The Big Mataka, Restrobar

Formally known as “The Aquarius Lounge”, it is now a composition of two restaurants: Absolute Sizzler and The Big Mataka. An out and out renovation project, we replaced the bare walls with pop colours, the vast floor area into levelled seating spaces and the bare ceiling formed a conglomeration of hand painted canvas sheets.  

Designed on the basis on pop colours, we have converted this framed structure into a family based entertainment dining/drinking space (which also caters a kid friendly audience). The walls have been kept simple with pop art culture paintings of Hollywood icons, the furniture has been completely refurbished & remodeled to reflect the colourful play of the paintings and the jute rope partition walls & the wooden deck compensated for the huge ceiling height.

Given the huge front yard, encompassing a water body lined with a central pathway gave a grand entrance to the restaurant. The far right of the front yard also boasts a semi outdoor seating, also known as the Umbrella café, denoting to the fun colourful upside down umbrellas hung from the ceiling to complete the pop-colour effect. 

Our divine touch in restaurant interior design in Bangalore is acknowledged long before. However, our designers had to cross the boundary to let The Big Matka designs go beyond just a restaurant.

Location   Eluru

Year  2017

Role  Building Design, Interior Design and Landscape Design