Each apartment meets the needs of affordable living and aesthetic sense.  The three floor apartment, standing at 14.5m height (Ground + 3), comprises of 4 flats each floor and an accessible terrace for recreational activities for the residents .  The objective of this project was to make each unit maximise in terms of functionality and usage.  In addition to that, the client also specified that tenants in each unit will change as per the hospital’s requirements for specialised doctors.  Hence it was important that we made note of how each apartment should be effectively equipped and designed for a wide scope of clientele.

In the heart of the city, amidst the bulky town houses and small dwelling units sprawling throughout, stands a simple abode of sheltered accommodation, a budget job of plain, unaffected language.

The flats are designed from the inside-out, as the residential units shape the volume and structure of the building.  Each floor has lift accessibility and a common lobby area connecting all the units.  Three out of the four units are two-bedroom apartments which also accommodates a full size equipped kitchen with its own utility, a common toilet, dining, living and a balcony flooding the natural light into the spaces.  The fourth unit is a single bedroom apartment with a sizable kitchenette and a generous living space. Be it the dining space or kitchen interior design, we are one of the most sought after designer not only in Bangalore, Karnataka but also in Ambur, Tamil Nadu.

The property, being close to a river bed, forced us to go with a stilt parking option due to the proximity of the water table level.  Climatologically, since Ambur has a dry climate with high temperatures and peak summers, the placement of windows, its height and width, the overhang depths were strategically placed for maximum wind flow and cross ventilation.  The balconies in each unit provide the extra space for enjoying the much cooler evenings, also adding an opulent feel for the living and dining areas.

Location  Ambur, TN

Year    2020

Role   Building Design,Interior Design